Loving your body after pregnancy.

Hi lovelies!

Today’s blogpost is a personal one.

I’ve always been quite secure about my body. Ofcourse I’ve always had my insecurities (like everyone I suppose) but I always felt quite comfortable in my own skin. You all followed my journey while I was pregnant and you all know I didn’t really love being pregnant. I loved the fact that I was growing a tiny human in my belly but I hated the fact that my body was changing and that I couldn’t control anything my body was going through.

That being said. The moment I gave birth to babyboy Bas, I forgot about all about that and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I love being a mom, I can’t stress that enough. Bas has completed my life in a way that I can’t even put into words. But that doesn’t take away the fact that I’ve kind of lost my confidence when it comes to my body.

When I’m fully clothed and wearing my favourite outfits I still feel confident because I feel that my body looks quite alright. I’ve lost pretty much all of my pregnancy weight and all of my clothes fit me again. But when I undress and look at the marks pregnancy has left me with, my confidence drops.

The skin on my belly is still kind of loose and I can’t look past those stretchmarks. My boobs are also pretty much non-existent. Before my pregnancy I had a perky B-cup and I actually really liked my boobs (haha). But during my pregnancy I went to a full-size E-cup. I guess you can imagine that doesn’t do great things for your skin. Well, exactly. My skin is super loose so my boobs have been reduced to pretty much nothing.

What doesn’t exactly help is that all my favourite lingerie doesn’t fit me right anymore (and I’m a sucker for pretty underwear).

But last week I went on a little shopping trip to treat myself. I bought the prettiest new lingerie set at Hunkemöller and this actually really helped me to regain my confidence. The bra fits me perfectly and after struggling with finding the right size and fit, this is such a relief.

I really believe that the right lingerie can give a woman that boost she needs to feel comfortable in her own skin. When I put it on I immediately felt that tiny sparkle when you know you’re wearing something that’s just perfect for you.

So to all my ladies out there who have trouble loving theirselves. Go treat yourself and take care of that body of yours. Treat yourself to something that will give you that little bit extra va va voom because god knows we need it sometimes.

The bra I chose is from the Noir collection at Hunkemöller and it’s just so damn sexy! I feel like a million bucks when wearing it and that’s exactly what lingerie should do. You’re not wearing it for everybody else, you’re wearing it just for you. Because only you know what’s hidden under your clothes and you should feel confident about that.

How did you feel about you body after pregnancy? Or after your body just changed for some reason? Let me know and together we can start feeling confident again! Because we ladies are strong as hell and the most sexy creatures that were ever created.


Princess On Sneakers

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