Unbox Happiness with Goodiebox!

Hi sweeties!

I received the coolest beauty package this week!

Goodiebox sent me a box full of beauty products to try out.

The concept is as following: Goodiebox sends you a box with products worth about €65 but you only pay €19,95. Every month there’s a new box with new products to try out so if you get a subscription, that’s like getting a gift from yourself every month! And you deserve it!

While You’re busy breaking that glass ceiling or breaking stereotypes about men (yes men, you should definitely also treat yourself), it can get hard to find the time to do some selfcare. Well, this box is the perfect excuse to lock yourself in the bathroom and try everything out.

What did I find in the box?

There were 6 products inside the box. Let me show you!

1. The lip oil

This is a lip oil by Comme Deux and it’s great. It hydrates my lips and it stayed on for quite a long time.

2. The tweezer.

You can really tell that this is a high quality product. It managers to grab the tiniest hairs which is great for me because those tiny hairs drive me hella crazy.

3. The pore corrector.

This pore corrector by Figs&Rouge, I love. I always use a pore corrector and this one is by far one of the best I’ve ever used. It leaves my skin all matte and even and that’s exactly what I need.

4. The mudmask

This mudmask is a perfect quick skinboost. You put it on in the morning and leave it on for 1 min. So that’s perfect for when you’re in a rush, and aren’t we all always in a rush?

5. The browgel

One of my favourites is the browgel by More brows. It leaves my brows super textured and the colour is just perfect!

6. The eyepads

As a new mom, eyepads are my saviours right now. I kinda always tired so these guys really saved me. I felt so refreshzd and actually awake afterwards. So to the new moms out there (or basically anyone who is tired) go get them eyepads!

I love this box! And did you know you can create your own beauty profile on the website so the box is adjusted to you? I know. That’s just perfect.

Take a look at their website!

That’s all for now folks!



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