SELF Skincare

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been way too long since I posted a blogpost but the reason is of course my little munchkin who takes up pretty much all of my time. 😉

Finding time to take care of yourself is hard when you have a baby but you really have to, selfcare is important as hell. That’s why I was super happy to receive some skincare products from Self, a Belgian skincare brand.These products give me the perfect excuse to take some time to myself and really take care of that tired mommy-skin of mine. The brand is also completely vegan and cruelty free so that’s a great bonus.

I received 3 products; a facial scrub, a facial lotion and a daycream.

1. Facial Scrub


The facial scrub is the first step. It’s a very gentle scrub that isn’t to harsh on your skin. It’s a really thorough cleanse of your skin without damaging it so that’s pretty much all you want right?

2. Facial Lotion


The facial lotion is the second step in your routine. It’s super rich but is absorbed by your skin in a few minutes. My skin already feels so soft after the lotion and it doesn’t feel greasy. My skin feels super refreshed and clean.

3. Daycream


The third and final step is the daycream. I love love love this cream and it’s probably my favorite product out of the three. My skin needs a rich daycream, especially during the winter time but most rich daycream leave my skin greasy and shiny, which is not what I want. But this cream does not disappoint. It leaves my skin refreshed, matte and healthy.

All the products also smell amazing btw. The smell is not too overpowering, which I love. And the smell kind of reminds me of going to a spa and that’s always a good thing right?

So all my momma bears out there! Go treat yourself! Get your ass to their website, order some pretty pink skincare and take care of that tired skin of yours!


Let me know if you’ve tried the products and I you loved them just as much I do!



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