The Gift Guide.

Hi everyone!

If there’s one time of the year I love, it’s the holidays! Christmas is so magical and I usually start preparing around the beginning of November. I know, I’m  a crazy person.

I always try to find everyone the perfect gift and by gift I mean one big present, 2 medium presents and a bunch of little ones. (I tend to go a little overboard)

This year I decided to share some of my favourite spots to shop and a few fun ideas that would make the perfect gift.

1. Asos

I know Asos is a website pretty much everyone knows and loves but most people forget to check out the gift section of the website. They have the craziest stuff over there. Last year I bought my brother some seeds to grow your own super hot pepper plant and they came int his super cute tin can. For my mom I got something even cooler; I had a star named after her. It’s this certificate you can buy and then you can actually buy the naming rights to that star. Pretty cool right?

This year they once again have the coolest stuff! Make sure to check it out!

2. CaseApp

This year I got to work together with CaseApp and I got to create some cool cases for my phone. You can create them yourselves or choose a design from their collection and the quality is amazing! Just this morning I dropped my phone (that happens a lot btw) and my phone still looks brand new. They also have skins for your laptop so you can make your phone and laptop match.

I also have a discount code for you guys and there’s also a giveaway coming up! The code is LAURELANXMAS and it will give you a 20% discount.

Below you can find the cases I chose and a few other cool designs I found at their website!

Make sure you check out their website!

3. Hema

Another store that everyone knows and loves but this is truly one of my favourite spots to shop for gifts. I love to create gift baskets myself with things I find here. It’s perfect when you don’t have a huge budget and still want to give a nice and personal gift. I’ve given so many gift baskets over the years and everyone has always loved them. It’s also just really fun to create them.

I prefer going to the actual store in this case but ofcourse you can also find everything online.

4. Flying Tiger

This is another store I go to to complete my gift baskets. They have the weirdest stuff! This store is perfect for a secret santa gift or if you want a collection of funny gifts to give to your friends and family.

Check out their crazy collection here!

5. Tattoo

You all know I love me some tattoos! Well my favourite tattoo artist also sells gift certificates. So you can basically give someone a tattoo for Christmas. Sounds super cool right?!

Check out her Instagram page and discover how talented this woman is!

This is my tattoo btw:

And some other super cool tattoos that she created:

6. Mapiful

I know you’ve all seen these super pretty posters of people’s favourite places. Well, this is where they have them made. You can choose any location you want and choose a design you like. I went with Disneyland Paris. It has always been one of my favourite places in the world but 2 years ago my husband asked me to marry him in front of the big pink castle and that just made the location even more special.

Make sure to check out their website!

So! Those were a few of my ideas for Christmas!

I hope I inspired you a little bit for the upcoming holidays!


Princess On Sneakers

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