Iconic Bags by Veritas.


Hi my fellow fashionistas!

Today I’m introducing you to my new favourite bag. Veritas has launched a collection of ‘Iconic bags’ and I’m the proud owner of one of them.

To me an iconic bag is the bag you always grab when in doubt. It’s the bag that always completes your look and makes you leave the house with confidence. What’s also important to me that a bag can stand the test of time so I’ll be able to carry it for a couple of years. Because let’s be honest, nobody likes to part ways with their favourite bag.

The bag I received is this gorgeous cognac coloured croco bag which isn’t just gorgeous but also super practical. It’s the perfect bag to take with you on a day out or to work. It has a few separate compartments and it’s rather big (and I love me some big handbags). It also has a longer strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag.

This is the link to the bag so you can check it out!


To conclude I think we can agree that this bag is the perfect bag for every outfit and the colour is just perfect for the upcoming fall. I definitely recommend you to check out the other iconic bags too and I hope you find your own ‘Iconic bag’.






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