My pregnancy at 32 weeks.


Today I’m 32 weeks pregnant so I’m getting into the final weeks of pregnancy. So I thought it was time to give you guys an update on my pregnancy.

I’m a bit nervous getting into this because last time I was honest like this, I got one really negative response. But I’m just gonna go ahead and be all honest again.

First let’s talk about the physical consequences for my body. My body is obviously not made for pregnancy. All my life I’ve always had to deal with back pain and aching joints but that’s a completely different story that I’m not going to bore you with. But now that I’m pregnant the pressure on my back and joints has increased even more which has resulted in pain 24/7 which makes it impossible for me to go pretty much anywhere. Even sitting down in a normal chair is painful. So I can’t really go anywhere for longer than 2 hours. That’s why pretty much all of my pictures are taken at home.

I’m also struggling with pelvic instability which is a problem for a lot of pregnant women. It basically results in lower back pains and painful legs.

Now for the weight gain. I’m not going to tell you how much I’ve gained exactly but it’s a lot. And it’s super confronting to see that number on the scale. I try to eat super healthy but there’s basically nothing else I can do to prevent more weightgain. It’s just mother nature and I’ll get rid of the weight after my beautiful baby is born.

Mentally, I’m doing better than a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago I was at the brink of depression and having panic attacks around the clock. Now I’m doing a lot better. I went to see a psychologist to help me deal with my issues and my gynaecologist really helped me a lot as well. I’m still feeling rather crappy but the end of my pregnancy is in sight and the negative feelings have to make way for the excitement to finally welcome our little boy into the world.

The baby room is also almost ready and most of the preparations for when the baby comes are done.

As a conclusion I would like to say that I’m super excited to meet our babyboy and that I’ll be glad to not be pregnant anymore. 😉


Princess On Sneakers a.k.a. mommy to be

4 gedachtes over “My pregnancy at 32 weeks.

  1. Kellymagdalena zegt:

    Pregnancy isn’t easy but believe me, you’ll be sooo happy when the little one is there!
    My daughter is 7 months now, while pregnant i gained about 30kgs and realizing my body will never be the same again is scary. I’m still not over it although i lost almost every kg, the stretchmarks won’t fade.
    I almost lost my daughter and i ended up with bloodpoisoning and all so it wasn’t easy at all…

    I’m not trying to scare you though!
    I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!
    I was scared of becoming a mom but now i’m glad I am ..

    I wish you a lot of luck!


  2. Julie zegt:

    I’m 32 weeks today too! Totally feel you on the back and hip pain. I am also excited for my little one but have felt generally down and anxious for a long time. Therapy has helped so much. Thanks for being honest about how pregnancy feels, it really helps so many women when we are honest that it’s not all sunshine.


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