The cutest maternity fashion by PinkBlush.

Hi lovelies!

A few days ago I received a package from Pinkblush, a shop that specialises in maternity fashion and fashion for moms. It’s very very hard to find stylish maternity clothes so I was so happy to find this shop!

I chose 2 items from their collection and I couldn’t be happier. I chose a cute shirt and a gorgeous maxi dress. They both fit perfectly and the quality is amazing.

First up is the shirt!

The fabric is so light and it’s probably the most comfy shirt I have at the moment. On top of all that it’s so so cute!

This is the link to shop this gorgeous shirt:

Up next is this gorgeous maxi dress!

I mean, look at that gorgeous print!

It’s a wrap dress with an elastic waistband and the fabric is stretchy too so that makes it the most comfy dress ever. And it’s so beautiful! I wore it to an event and everyone loved it. It’s also a first that I bought a maxi dress and it wasn’t crazy long. I’m 1.70m tall and the dress floats just above the ground. It’s perfect!

This is the link to buy the dress:

I ordered a both items in Small. Make sure you check out their shop! They have so much more cool items!

That’s all for today!



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