The wedding: Getting my skin prepared for the big day with ‘Le Bon Sentiment’.

Hi everybody!

Get ready to read a lot of blogposts about the wedding and everything I had to do to make this wedding happen!

First up! How did I make my skin look relaxed and fresh on the big day? The answer is this cute little beautysalon in Baarle, which is close to Ghent. I went there for a skin treatment that just saved my skin because it was looking horrible. I had been feeling terrible because of the pregnancy for weeks at that point and I my skin was suffering. Hormones are also kinda horrible for your skin. So you could say I was excited for my skin treatment.The place looks really cute and girly and I instantly felt relaxed.

The products she used were from Henriëtte Faroche and They just smelled amazing. They also felt amazing on my skin.

She did a cleansing of my face, a peeling, a massage and a facemask and every step of the treatment just felt so relaxing. This is a super flattering pic of me with the refreshing facemask while trying not to fall asleep. 😉

Then finally, this is a picture of my skin before and after. Doesn’t it look amazing?!

Go check out her Instagram page;

Her Facebook page:

And her website:

That’s all for today!


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