Lashlifting at Nap Me Up

Hi everybody!

A few days ago I got to enjoy some me-time at Nap Me Up. A few weeks ago I had my brows shaped and coloured at Nap me up and now my lashes were up. I had them lifted and coloured.

On this first pic you can see them being lifted. It’s kinda like getting a perm for your lashes. So after the procedure you can’t have any water touching your lashes for 24h so the product can do its work.

After they had been lifted, it was time to colour them.

This whole procedure takes about 1 hour and it’s super relaxing.

This is what they looked like before and what they look like now.

I love the result! I’m not wearing any mascara and still my lashes look amazing! The effect stays 6-9 weeks.

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That’s all for now!



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