Confession time: pregnancy is difficult.

Hi everybody,

Today I’m posting a very different post. I always try to stay positive and happy because I have a hard time showing my true colours to people, even to the people that are closest to me.

I always want people to think that my life is fun and everything is perfect and so it’s hard for me to write this post.

As you all know I’m expecting my first child and last week I found out it’s a little baby boy. I couldn’t be more excited and I can’t wait to meet my little miracle.

But to be honest… these last few weeks have been hard, very hard. I’m nauseous 24/7 and I spend most of the time on the couch or in bed. I’m barely able to leave my house for longer than 2 hours because I know I’ll feel nauseous if I stay out longer.

I try to sleep as much as possible but I still feel tired ALL THE TIME.

I’ve tried every home remedy possible but nothing works. I haven’t been been able to go to work in weeks, on my bachelorette we had to leave early because I was feeling nauseous and I can’t go out to meet my friends.

I’m miserable and I’m bored out of my mind. I’m so so bored. I try to stay busy but there aren’t a lot of things you can do when you’re on the couch.

So that was pretty much it. I feel horrible and I’m telling you guys about it. That’s a big step for me.

Sending you lots of love,


Princess On Sneakers

3 gedachtes over “Confession time: pregnancy is difficult.

  1. Moppie ;-) zegt:

    And your closest friends will see through your happy mask and will understand if you’re not feeling well. Big shoutout to you for being honest and you hopefully receive a lot of positive energy and understanding. Miss you moppie… xx

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