How I’ve experienced pregnancy so far.

Hi everybody!

It’s been waaaaay too long since I posted anything on my blog and ofcourse there’s a reason for that. The word is out, I’m pregnant!

I couldn’t be more excited and I’ll try to keep you guys posted!

So far my pregnancy has been quite alright but very hard at times too. I’m nauseous all the time and especially in the evenings I feel terrible. My energy is also very very low at times but all those problems should go away as I get further along.

What also surprised me is how many things you can’t eat when you’re pregnant. A lot of my favourite foods are a total no-go now; smoked salmon, sushi, eggs that aren’t hard-boiled, anything that’s undercooked really…

But even though there a few downsides, nothing compares to the feeling of being pregnant. The thought that I’m growing a tiny human inside of me is amazing!

So that’s it for now but I’ll keep you posted on everything pregnancy-related and if you have any tips or advice, please let me know!


Princess On Sneakers

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