2018, here I come.

Hello hello hello!

Another year has passed and last year I made some new year’s resolutions. Let’s see what I actually did and what I didn’t do at all.

  1. Get a tattoo

I did in fact get a new tattoo! Lena made an amazing design and I’m so so happy with the result! Check out her Instagram @lenapercyrosyfaict.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

2. Kick ass at my new job.

So I started 2017 with a new job and I was really excited about it. As it turned out, it was horrible. My boss was by far the most confusing person in the whole wide world. I stayed there for 1,5 months and to this day I’m so glad I quit that job.

3. Plan the perfect wedding.

That I did! We still have a lot of planning to do but the major part of the planning is done. We’ve got our venue, our wedding party and most importantly, the dress.

4. Find the perfect house.

Another thing I actually did! We found this cosy little house in Sint-Pauwels with 2 bedrooms, a garden and the coolest neighbours. I’m so so happy!

5. Become a morning person.

Okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’ll ever be a morning person but this year I actually managed to get up before noon on the weekends. So I feel like that’s kinda good. I’m still grumpy as hell when I get up but at least I’m being grumpy in the living room.

6. Travel.

I didn’t visit any crazy far away countries but I went to France for the summer and I went on a ski-holiday with my family.

7. Stop worrying so much.

This is something I still struggle with everyday. But I’m working on it!

8. Work out more.

HAHAHA. Safe to say, I didn’t do a damn thing this year. I went shopping, does that count?

9. Do more things I’ve never done before.

I wish i was more adventurous but I didn’t do as much things I’d never done before as I wanted. But I guess I’ll try this again in 2018.

10. Clean out my closet.

Well I moved in with Jasper this year so I kinda had to. I threw away A LOT. But I also bought a lot. So this is another one I kinda followed up on.

11. Learn Oscar to do tricks.

As you all know Oscar is my rabbit and yeah he’s a rabbit. Soooo he can be cute and jump around but so far no progress was made in the learning tricks part.

12. Start dancing again.

I really wish I had done this but I didn’t. I really really love dancing so maybe I’ll actually start dancing again in 2018.

13. Be happy.

This is by far the most important resolution I made last year and I think I actually did it. I had a pretty amazing year. There were some lows and difficult moments but overall I had a good year and I felt happy for the major part of it.

So what did I learn? Don’t make new year’s resolution girl. Cause you’re just lying to yourself. This year I’ll just see what happens and I’m going to focus on having the coolest wedding ever.

So what did 2017 look like for me?

I moved in with my fiancé,  I got a new job at ZARA, I found my wedding dress, I ate a lot of food, I had some amazing productions together with ‘Teater De Schizo’s’, I started singing more often, I had pink hair, brown hair and blonde hair and I managed to keep 3 plants alive (RIP 7 other plants).

I also appeared in VTM’s ‘Hoe zal ik het zeggen?’ where my boyfriend pulled a prank on me to tell me I should stop shopping so much. It didn’t work.


I  had a great year and you guys were a big part of it! I had so much fun taking pictures for my Instagram and writing blogposts. And it was so nice to see that you liked my posts.

The picture you guys liked the most was this one. Thanks again to Lena!




So that was it! 2017 was an important year to me and I hope 2018 is going to be amazing!

I wish you all an amazing 2018 with new adventures, happy moments with friends and family and everything your heart wishes for!



Princess On Sneakers

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