The Bubbly Facemask by Exuviance.

Hello hallo bonjour gutentag! Hi!

It’s been a while but I’m back! This time I’ll be talking about the most amazing facemask in the whole wide world! It’s the Bionic oxygen facial by Exuviance!

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It’s really the coolest facemask I’ve ever tried and this is how you use it:

  1. Put a few drops of the mask on your hand and put it on your face. The moment it’s spread it will start turning white.E771CF39-5165-4C5B-9B7C-9FA1129DD604

2. Then it will start… BUBBLING. YES. BUBBLING. It’s feels super weird but also really really cool. I mean, a bubbling facemask, how cool is that?!


3. Now it’s gets even cooler (hard to imagine, I know). The mask will start to vanish.




Once it’s completely vanished, use a very hot wet towel or washcloth to clean your face, and then you’re done! This entire process takes about 5 minutes so it’s perfect for when you’re going out and you don’t have a lot of time.

I’ve used the mask about 4 times now and my skin feels amazing. This is by far the best facemask I’ve ever used. You can use this mask up to 4 times a week and I really recommend that you do!

After I used the mask I put on my make-up and my skin just looked flawless!

Exuviance has a lot of other amazing products so I definitely recommend that you check out their instagram page! @exuviance_xxtralash_benelux

To sum up, I’m giving this mask a 10/10 (I’ve never done that before, but this mask is amazeballs)

So that’s it for today!



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