The Matte Effect.

Hello lovely humans!

I always love a good new lipstick! And I love it even more if they have a matte effect!

I decided to try out 2 different lipticks from 2 different brands with 2 completely different textures.

1. L’Oréal Paris infallible Pro-Matte 06 Disturbia Mattifying lipstick.


So I went with an orange colour because I just really love orange lipstick.

The lipstick is built up out of a weird round brush thingie that pushes in the liptick and it kinda feels like you’re putting on crayon on your lips. It’s weird but I must say I kinda ike it.


The colour is really pretty but you really have to apply several layers to get that bright orange colour. The good thing about that is, is that you can really control the intensity of the colour. So you can go from a light shade to crazy popping orange.


I put it on to go to work in the morning and it lasted until about noon before I had to apply a new layer. So it’s perfect for a night out. If you want to wear it throughout the day, you just have to make sure to bring the lipstick along with you.

Overall I really like it but it’s not my favourite liptick of all time.

I’m giving it a 7/10!

2. The Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid.

The other lipstick I bought is a liquid one in a darker shade.

The colour I picked out is called possessed plum.


I like the fact that it’s a liquid and I love love love the colour!

It’s really easy to put on and the colour is perfect even after one layer. I also put this one on in the morning before going to work and it lasted until the afternoon. I brought it with me to apply another layer but I didn’t even need it.

The only thing that I didn’t like 100% was the brush to apply the lipstick. For some reason, and I can’t figure out why, it doesn’t spread out the colour evenly. So I just used another brush and then the lipstick looked gorgeous.

It has a beautiful matte effect, the colour is gorgeous and I just really like the feel and look of it soooo…

I’m giving this one a 9/10!

Let me know what your favourite lipsticks are!


Princess On Sneakers

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