10 reasons why you should visit Comics Station Antwerp.

Hi everyone!

Comics Station Antwerp is a new indoor themepark at the central trainstation of Antwerp featuring the popular Belgian Comic book heroes and it’s AWESOME. And here’s why:

  1. Comics Station Antwerp has the highest indoor slide in the world.

There are 3 slides at Comics Station Antwerp. The highest one is 22.5 m. high and 51 m. long. That’s like super crazy high.

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2. There’s food here.

Comics Station Antwerp has its own restaurant that’s open 365 days a year. That’s ALL THE DAYS. So even if you’re not visiting the park, you can enjoy a meal there.

Inside the park you can find even more food. There’s this little snackplace called the Smurfsnack. Here you can find waffles, pancakes… All the good things in life.

3. I work there.

Yes, you read that correctly. I work at a themepark. I’m the sales and marketing assistant. Is working at a themepark as awesome as it seems? YES, IT IS. I’m surrounded by my favourite comic book figures everyday and I have the most amazing colleagues.


4. Comic Books are awesome.

  Six Comic books provided the stars of Comics Station: Urbanus, The Kiekeboes, Suske and Wiske (Spike and Suzy), Lucky Luke, Jommeke and The Smurfs.

Every Comic book has its own zone in the park with its own rides and attractions. So if you love comic books or themeparks or adventure or slides, this is the place to be.

5. RFID-wristbands are like super hightech.

 An RFID-wristband is a wristband with a chip. When you order your ticket, you fill in your name, language and age. You can scan the wristband at the rides and that way the ride will know how old you are and it will adjust the difficulty of the game to your age. The wristband also saves your scores when you play the games so that you can see how well you scored throughout the day.


6. Comics Station Antwerp shows off with 60 rides and attractions. SAY WHAT?!

So as I told you before, every comic book has its own zone. Every zone has rides, attractions and activities.

The Suske and Wiske zone has its own time machine that’s featured in many of the Suske and Wiske comic books. You can be sent to the future or the past and you’ll have to complete all kinds of challenges to get back to the present.

The Kiekeboes have their own droptower and Jommeke’s flying ball was rebuilt from the comic books.

Lucky Luke has his own saloon where you can hunt The Daltons, play saloon games and all kinds of other cool things.


In the Urbanus comic books, Urbanus lives in Tollembeek. We completely copied this village and we turned it into a funhouse. So get ready to see some crazy stuff!

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The Smurfs have their own darkride where you can help The Smurfs collect things to organise their party. Sounds fun right?

7. Want to throw a party or organize and event? Yes, exactly, this is the venue you’re looking for.

Every part of the park can be used for events. Everything can be adjustd to your wishes. You want to go down the slides while enjoying a fancy drink? Or try out all of our rides while eating some delicious food? Yes, that’s all possible at Comics Station Antwerp.

8. We have merchandise. COOL merchandise. So all you big spenders out there, get your ass over here.

We have comic books, stuffed comic book heroes… pretty much everything you can think of when you think of comic books. You can find all of this in our super pretty shop.

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9.  Everything here is Instagram-worthy.

Everything here is just really really pretty. Exhibit A.

10. It’s a themepark. What more do you need?

Find your inner child again and visit us at Comics Station Antwerp! It’s worth it!

I truly hope to see you there!




Princess On Sneakers.


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