Freaky Freakshakes @ La Promesa.

Hello everybody!

The 1st of February my man and I will be together for 2 years and we decided to already start celebrating this weekend. This evening we’ll be visiting a nice restaurant and this afternoon we went to La Promesa in Zele.

I had been following them on Instagram for quite some time now and it was about time I tasted their amazing creations I had been dreaming of for weeks.

The thing with La Promesa is that they’re not a regular bar. They have about 100 cocktails and mocktails. They have a wide variety of gins, beers, milkshakes and finger foods. But to me their pride and joy is that they have FREAKSHAKES.

You know… The crazy milkshakes with crazy toppings, chocolate and whipped cream all over the place?! So obviously I was extremely excited to finally go there.

The moment I entered I felt comfy because the interior is super cosy and it has a very homy vibe.


We found a spot to sit and took a look at the menu. Of course I immediately looked for the page with the freakshakes and after a good 10 seconds I had decided to go for the ‘strawberry candy crush’. Jasper went for the ‘donut delight’. We had to wait quite a while but as it was mentioned on their menu; ‘The freak shakes take some time, since they’re made with love’.

The moment they arrived I was ecstatic! They looked gorgeous! Jasper had these rice crispies in all kinds of crazy colours glued on his mug with chocolate, a pink donut, and whipped cream on top.

Mine had all kinds of candy placed on top of the mountain of whipped cream and the side of my mug was covered with rainbow sprinkles. What more does a girl need?

On top of how they looked they were also delicious! You could taste that they’re super fresh and made a lot of love.

We paid 8 euros for one freakshake which seems more than reasonable to me.

I’m super excited about this place and I will definitely go back to try out their cocktails!

Go check it out lovely people!



Princess On Sneakers

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