Why I love the fluffy fashion by Les Chandines.

Hi there you amazing gorgeous people of the world!

A few weeks ago I found the cutest little webshop on Instagram called Les Chandines! They live the fluffy life. (Pretty much everything they sell is fluffy and that is like the best thing ever)

They were so incredibly nice by sending me a pair of sneakers, the cutest mittens in the world and the most badass choker that ever existed.


Of course I was extremely excited and I immediately tried everything on. I started off with the sneakers. First things first. The sneakers are pink and fluffy. You really shouldn’t need any more convincing. But they’re also really really comfortable and super warm! I styled them with some greenish-brown skinny jeans , a pink sweater with a beaded collar and my oversized denim jacket. The sneakers really complete the outfit!


Then I added the mittens to the outfit. The second I put them on I realised that these mittens might be the softest ones I’ve ever worn. They have this cute tiny pompom on top and they’re all fluffy inside and out. I’ve been wearing them everyday since I got them. (I’m seriously not kidding)


Then I got a fluffy choker. It’s black and fluffy. It’s badass and cute. It’s the best of both worlds. Buy it.

So girlies, you should check their page out and order the hell out of their amazing goodies!

Check them out on Instagram: @leschandines


That was it for today! Hope you enjoyed it! In a few days I will be reviewing one of my new favourite beauty items (so stay tuned).



Princess On Sneakers

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