The Blackhead Mask.

For weeks now I’ve been seeing these videos about people using the blackhead mask and after the  100th video I saw, I got curious. I wanted to know if it really was that amazing so I ordered it on It was actually quite cheap and I figured, why not just try it?

I ordered the one by AFY Pilaten and it’s AMAZING.


I advise you don’t make any plans to eat, drink or speak for that matter while using the mask because after about 20 minutes you won’t be able to move your face anymore.

So! You just apply a very thick layer of the mask on your face. Make sure to avoid the contour of your eyes!

After you’ve done that, you just wait until it’s completely dried up. It will take about an hour. Then you just peel it off gently. One small caution with the mask… Expect to be in a little bit of pain when you peel the mask off. (Great skin comes with pain, apparently)

Then you just wash of any left over pieces of the mask and your skin will feel as soft as a baby’s butt.

I definitely recommend it! I have been using it for about 1,5 week now and my skin is already improving! It’s a lot more glowy, it looks a lot healthier and it feels amazing!

That’s about it for now! Next week I’ll be blogging about my new favourite webshop!



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