Christmasgifts all over the place.

Hiiii everyone!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and in this blogpost I will tell you all about the amazing gifts I got from my amazing family!

There were 72 gifts under our tree (Yes, we tend to get kinda crazy around christmas and we spend waaaay to much money.)


Let’s start with the gifts I got from my brother. He really knows me too well and he got me these cut outs to make cookies in the shape of a cat, snowman, car, heart and many more! He also got me snow fairy soap by Lush that you can use on your body and hair and you can knead it into any shape you want! And if you crumble a piece under running water when you’re taking a bath it foams like crazy! Oh! And it smells like candy!

My mom and dad got me my new iPhone a few weeks ago as a christmas present but my mom can’t help herself and always gets me a little something extra. This year she got me these amazing sushi socks from Perron 87 and a make-up bag from Ici Paris XL.

My grandma always goes out of her way to get me the best presents! This year she nailed it! I got a book with about a 100 pasta recipes, a beautiful notebook and this amazing bodylotion by Hema. The foaming shower gel by Hema I got from my mom’s boyfriend!


From my little sister I got an amazing face mask from Lush called brazened honey. I already tried it out and it’s amazing! There was also a little sample of the Snow fairy shower gel that came with it!


My boyfriend’s parents gave me an amazing present an I can’t wait to try it out! I got a COTTON CANDY MACHINE. I will be able to make my own cotton candy!  So you can expect a review on the machine and of course a crazy amount of pictures of cotton candy, me with the cotton candy, me and the cotton candy going on holiday and you will be receiving christmas cards of the two of us together next year.


My mom’s boyfriend also got me my new favorite sweater. It’s from Pull&Bear and it’s gorgeous.


My amazing fiancé got me exactly what I wanted this year. I got this amazing yellow jacket that I’ve had my eye on from quite some time now and he also got me a baking mix to make ginger nuts. He did a really good job.

I’m so thankful for all the amazing presents I got but most of all I am thankful to be able to spend the holidays with the most amazing people in the world.


Let me know what you got this year!


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