The Christmas Edition.

My favorite time of year is here. CHRISTMAS. I love everything about this holiday and in this post I’ll show you my favorite decorations for the tree and the presents.

The tree.


We always use the colors red and gold because we prefer a more classic tree. We always use the classic ornaments but we also have a few special items. But first let me show you the classics.

We also have a few more special items that are more unique.

This is an ornament I bought last year to support ‘Think pink’. An organization that collects money to raise awareness for breast cancer.


We also have this little cute bird and a matching flower that we put in our tree every year because they are so so gorgeous.

And yes, this is a pear. A golden pear.(Yes we put pears in our tree)


Our most special ornament has been in our tree for about 18 years. It’s the star of christmas year after year. It’s an ornament that my brother made when he was about 3 years old and it’s the ugliest ornament you’ll ever see.


The presents.

Every year I try to make my presents look unique in some way. This year I went with dried leaves. How did I do this? Well it’s super easy.

You go outside and find some leaves.


Then you have to get some old newspapers an a few heavy books.15537013_10211905542980939_447574263_o

Then put the leaves in between the books and use the newspapers to protect the books.


Then put the books on the heater for at least 24 hours.


When you’ve done all that you pick out some pretty wrapping paper and ribbon and then you add the leaves to give your presents that extra little something.


So this is what the end result looks like!

I hope you liked the post!



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