10 reasons why P AND will be the party of the year.


1. The people who created the concept.

Gilles Heylesonne and Jolien De Beul are two young entrepreneurs who wanted to do something completely different and that’s how P AND came to life. The 9th of December there will be the release party of this amazing new concept that will draw attention to the vacancy of buildings in Lokeren. So while partying you, as a party animal (yes you), will be giving a new purpose to these otherwise forgotten buildings. Cool right?

2. The music.

We’ll have 4 amazing DJ’s entertaining us through the night.

First up we have this talented guy.









This is Edward Buff. Looking good right? He has played at Lokerse feesten and Decadance. Need I say more?

Next up we have this sexy duo called Merch&Dise. A Ghent-based duo that will bring you rhythmical tech-house and techno flavored music.


Our third music magician is Djozer. He has played at Decadance and will get your feet moving with his mix of micro-house, minimal and techno.


Last but definitely not least we have Lunar. He loves some good house and techno and will spoil you with his amazing beats throughout his set.


3. I’ll be working there.

That’s it. I’ll be working there and that’s cool. If you want to see me give the best of myself. Come see me at P AND. It will be worth it.

4. Absolut Vodka.


Yes, you read that correctly. ABSOLUT VODKA. There will be free shots of ABSOLUT VODKA. BE THERE.

5. Beefeater 24.


Yes, more alcohol. There will be cocktails at €6. That’s like super cheap and we ‘re not talking crappy cocktails. We’re talking the best of the best at the Beefeater Bar. (Yes, you can get excited now)

6. Food

There will be a food corner where you can get the most amazing foodies. (Instagram-worthy foodies, just saying)

7. Storytelling

One of the reasons this concept is so cool is because every little detail is well thought-out. Everyone working at this event will be in character (including me) and this will give you a totally different experience than at any other party. You will experience the night as if you were in a different world where there’s alcohol and food and nice people. Sounds kinda great right?

8. The vacancy.

By going to this party you will help our two young entrepreneurs addressing the vacancy of buildings in Lokeren. So, you’re kind of doing some charity while partying. And that is, I think, the coolest way ever of doing something for charity.

9. Releaseparty.

It’s a release party so they’ll go all out to surprise and entertain you. It will blow your mind.

10. Coolest concept ever.

This will be without any doubt the coolest and hottest party of the year! People will be jealous of you because you were there and you will be extremely happy that you bought a ticket and went to the event of the year.

Also you kinda have to go now because you are super excited and curious to see all of this in real life.

You can get your tickets at http://www.p-and.be and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll see you there!



Princess On Sneakers


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