My week overview.

Hiiii  lovely people!

I had a pretty exciting week so today’s post will be an overview of that week.


On Monday I had one of the first rehearsals for a new production that’s coming up in spring. It’s going to be something completely different and I’m really looking forward to that.

Here’s a picture of a part of our group of actors. (I’m that ugly floating head in the back.)



On Tuesday I had one of the final rehearsals for WOLF, which is premiering this Friday. (Yes, I’m freaking out)

I also had the first fitting of the costumes I made so I was really stressed out about that. But everything fit perfectly!

Here’s a picture of Niels and Elise in their costumes. They’ll be playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his wife Constanze.



On Wednesday I left for Barcelona with Paulien, one of my best friends. Our flight was at 5.30 pm and we were at the gate at 5.20 pm. We were late, very late. we literally ran through the airport and made it from the screening to the plane in 15 minutes. I feel like that’s quite an achievement.

When we got to the hotel we we’re expecting a lovely hotel with nice people because it was supposed to be quite fancy. But when we came in the lobby we quickly came to realize that this wasn’t the case at all. The hotel was horrible and ugly and the people were super mean. Luckily enough we only had to sleep there.

The next morning we headed of to work. We had to work at a congress of Fleet Europe. We had to pose with the clients and partners of Athlon (a leasing company) in a photo booth that looked like a magazine cover. That  was, of course, AMAZING. Everyone was so nice, the pictures were amazing and we had so much fun!



At night we had dinner at the museum maritime and the food was great. It was a big dinner with all the people who had been at the congress so it was quite an impressive sight to see.

This is a picture of the lovely Crema Catalana we had.


After dinner we went out to this club called Opium which is right at the beach. I had so so much fun and this is what I looked like while going out.


I wore an H&M jumpsuit and the number 14 lipstick from HEMA.


We were pretty hungover so we decided we’d take it easy on the last day we were in Barcelona. We just walked across La Rambla and visited this little beautiful market.

We had lunch at this amazing little restaurant close to La Rambla called Bar Lobo. I definitely recommend this place. It’s not expensive at all and it was super yummy! We had the chicken fajitas with guacamole. Need I say more? That sounds amazing right?

At the airport later that day, we had some Burger King and I became the official burger queen. I look fabulous right?



On Friday I had to rehearse again for WOLF and you could feel that everyone was getting excited for next Friday. So it was a really intense rehearsal and it made everyone ready for the final week of rehearsals.


On Saturday I went to the Efteling together with Jasper, Paulien and Joris. It was a beautiful day with no rain at all. I had an amazing time. The Efteling is so so beautiful and I insist that everyone goes there. Just for nostalgia.

They’re also building an entire new part of the park and there are some new rides. So that’s all the more reason to go there sometime.


Later that day I went out for drinks with some of my best friends and we had so much fun. The pictures will explain how much fun we exactly had.


On Sunday I finished up the decor and costumes for Wolf which includes sewing 20 meters of curtain rails onto 20 meters of fabric.

That was my week overview and I hope you didn’t hate reading it.


Princess On Sneakers

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