My all-time favorite beauty items.

Today I’m going to tell you a little bit more about my favorite beauty essentials.

Or how to avoid looking like this when you go outside.


Awful skin. Awful hair. Awful everything.

Step 1: Fix that hair!

My all-time favorite hair product is super cheap and really really good. It’s my secret ingredient to everyday life. You can use it on your hair, your skin and even in the kitchen. (Normal people only use it in the kitchen. But let’s face it, normal is boring.)

Anyways, the X-factor of my beauty routine is…




You can buy coconut oil in the supermarket and this gigantic jar will cost you about 10 euros. As I said before you can use coconut oil for pretty much everything but today we’re going to use it to get super soft hair. It’s super easy to do. You just open the jar and put a generous amount of oil on your hair. End of story.

I prefer to leave the oil in for an entire night (make sure you put a towel on your pillow) but you can decide for yourself how long you want to leave the oil in.


Step 2: Fix your face!

I recently bought a new peel-off mask that I really really love and once again it’s super cheap.


I don’t remember the exact price but it was about 3 euros. I know, that’s crazy cheap. It’s from the Kruidvat collection and against all odds it’s a really really good face mask. I definitely recommend it.

So you put a thin layer of the mask on your face and then you wait about 20 min. until it’s all dried up. (If you can’t move your face anymore, you’re good to go.)

(I prefer to have a glass of wine while I wait. Because waiting is boring and wine isn’t.)

So when the entire mask has dried up, you peel it off gently.


Yes my hair is very greasy from the coconut oil. I know.

Step 3: Fix that face even more!

I always finish of my beauty routine with a good cream because hydration is the key ingredient to beautiful skin. My favorite cream is the one that Testaankoop elected as the most hydrating one in all the land. So if you have a normal skin-type, this is a good cream to go with.


It’s also from the Kruidvat collection and it’s really really reaaalllyyy good. It costs 2.25 euros and that’s all the more reason to try it out.

Step 4: Put on your make-up and feel fabulous!

Before I put on my make-up I put on a pink concealer under my eyes and a green concealer on any red spots that I might have.  I also like to mix my foundation with a little bit of daycream so it keeps on hydrating my skin. After I’ve done this I just put on my make-up as normal and I end up looking a looooot better than at the start of this post.

Step 5: Before and After.

Oh, how I love make-up.


That’s it for now! A more detailed post about the make-up I use will follow soon!


xoxo Princess On Sneakers




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