Script And Actors.


The show is coming closer and the show must go on and that’s why this post is about acting. Our newest production in particular.

The end of this month we’ll be performing and bringing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart back to life. It’s going to be a production full of personal touches of the director as well as the actors. It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster filled with humorous touches.

Our director is Lars Corijn, a gifted young visionary, who is determined to make this a performance you’ll never forget. He reinvented Mozart’s life story. And he did it well. We start off when Mozart was a little genius musician and we get to know his family. We see how his dad wants to get the most out little Mozart’s talent and how his mom is a loving woman who most of all loves her children.

Later we get to know Mozart when he’s grown up. We see him find love, make mistakes and meet the company he’ll be working with his entire career. This company is quite a chaotic ensemble but they match perfectly with Mozart’s vision.

I love the way our director worked out all of the characters and how he made every character crucial to the story.

Our Mozart will be played by Niels Nijs. And he’s amazing. AMAZING.


Who am I in this crazy rollercoaster? I’ll be playing Anna Storace, a diva who’s in a passionate relationship with Luigi Bassi.

Costumes And Music.

All of our music was composed by Lars Corijn, our director. Yes, he’s musically gifted too. I know, it’s not fair. But because of that gift we have the opportunity to work with some amazing pieces of music.


The costumes are my responsibility. For months now I’ve been making costumes for all of our actors. We’ve been raiding second hand stores to find cool prints and fabrics which I then remake into new costumes. Most of our costumes will be white which gives everything a bit of an ethereal feel.

I’ll be so so happy when everything is finished and I’ll get to see all my costumes together on stage. That’s going to be a proud moment for me.


Well, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading everything and I hope you’ll come and see it for yourself of course! We play on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November and also on the 2nd and 3rd of December. You can buy tickets on http://www.schizos.be.

So be there!

xoxo Princess On Sneakers

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